• http://www.stihi.ru/avtor/psbgrly Lena


    Your photos are absolutely amazing! Would you mind if I posted them with my poems once in a while, if they match the mood of it?
    Of course, I would put all the links and your name as a reference to the photograph.

    I would also like to add your blog to my journal entry on my poetry page, if that’s ok with you.


  • http://www.stihi.ru/avtor/psbgrly Lena

    This is the link to my poetry page: http://www.stihi.ru/avtor/psbgrly

    Please let me know if you are ok with my proposals above.

    Thanks much! :)

  • http://www.fotografia.com.ua Евгений Тимашёв

    Лена: да, если со ссылкой на сайт и указанием авторства, то пожалуйста.